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Our Story

The daily reliance on single-use plastic is overwhelming the planet. At the current rate, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by 2050!

Living on the island of Roatan in the Western Caribbean, we see first hand the devastating effects that single-use plastic has on our marine environment. Coupled with low-quality waste management and little to no recycling, single-use plastic has had a significant impact on our fragile ecosystems and limited resources.

At Not A Trace we're committed to lightening the load on our environment wherever we can. We hope to leave "not a trace" of single-use plastic in our wake and hope that you'll join us in doing the same.

Our everyday habits impact our communities, our families, our friends, the ocean and the marine life in it. It doesn’t matter where you live. Whether you're living on an island or in the mountains your simple swaps can make a big difference. The most significant help comes from individuals who do small things consistently. If we all choose reusable alternatives, we'll decrease the demand for plastic and replace thousands of single-use plastic pollutants every day.

We hope to inspire you with great sustainable options — alternatives to plastic that are stylish, practical, affordable, and easier for our environment to digest.